Hasselblad A16 645 Film Back For 500c/m 501cm 503cw 503cx 500el Arcbody Flexbody.

Review Hasselblad CFV 50c Digital Back

Hasselblad a16 645 film back for 500c/m 501cm 503cw 503cx 500el arcbody flexbody supplied with film back with insert, take up spool, dark slide, 645 mask, instruction, paper work and box. For use on all Hasselblad camera models as 500C/M, 501CM, 503CW, 503CX, 503CXi, 500C, 501C, 555ELD, 553ELX, 500ELM, SWC, SWC/M, 903SWC, ArcBody, FlexBody, 2000FC, 2003FCW.
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